Special Educational Needs Policy


At Struer Statsgymnasium we recognize that students may have special educational needs. We distinguish between 4 types:

  • Communication and interaction

This includes students with speech and language delay, impairments or disorders, specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyscalculia, hearing impairment, and those who demonstrate features within the autistic spectrum.


  • Cognition and Learning

This includes children who demonstrate features of moderate, severe or

profound learning difficulties or specific learning difficulties or specific.


  • Social, mental and emotional health

This includes children who may be withdrawn or isolated, disruptive or disturbing, hyperactive or lack concentration.


  • Sensory and/or physical needs

This includes children with sensory, multi-sensory and physical difficulties.


At Struer Statsgymnasium there is a close cooperation between the IB Coordinator, the student counsellor and the class teachers. Often the school knows in advance whether or not a student will have specific special educational needs. Sometimes, however, these needs are not seen or known of when the student begins his/her education at the school. If a student is found to have special educational needs, the class teachers will contact the student counsellor who, depending on the needs, has different means of action:

Student counselling. The student counsellor may be able to work with the student on a one to one basis and assist the student in achieving the means to develop academically, socially or emotionally.

Coaching: The school’s two coaches work with students who are in need of extra attention. They are trained to work with students who face academic, social and/or emotional difficulties due to one of the four above-mentioned special educational needs.

Psychologist: Struer Statsgymnasium has an arrangement with a psychologist who comes to the school ones a week. Students may have up to five consultations for free.

Reading counsellor: The school has the means to check students for dyslexia and dyscalculia based on teachers’ response. The school can offer special equipment (computer, computer programs etc.) to students.

Homework cafes: Struer Statsgymnasium offers students help with homework after classes. Twice a week there will be a teacher available for consultation in specific subjects.


The above-mentioned measures have been institutionalized over the past 3-4 years. The school sees it as a means to help students stick with their education and motivate them to finish their education. 


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