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Students and teachers at Struer Statsgymnasium, Instructions for handing in assignments electronically to Urkund.

Struer Statsgymnasium uses the Swedish database Urkund in order to check whether written assignments include copied passages from digital assignments or other pages on the internet. The assignments that you send to Urkund will be compared to existing digital material.It is of course permitted to quote, provided that you cite the source.

This is what you do:
Send your assignment to your teacher’s urkund- email address:

xxx is the teacher’s initials

Note: You still have to hand in a copy of the assignment to your teacher, or if arranged, electronically through lectio.

Step by step:

  • The document with the finished assignment is given a title including name and class and education, e.g. “kristian_olsen_ib1i_2010.xxxx”
    xxxx is the file’s “surname”, such as doc.x (depending on the programme you are using)
  • The document is sent to the urkund address - see above.
  • Within 5 minutes, you will receive a confirmation of Urkund. (Check your spam tray, in case you cannot find the mail in your inbox.)
  • Within 24 hours your teacher will receive a report from Urkund that shows whether urkund has found identical passages, including the source.

In case of suspected plagiarism:

In addition, each teacher can ask a specific student to send an assignment that has already been handed in to Urkund or the teacher can send the assignment to Urkund him/herself.

From the school’s general school rules and rules of attendance:

Plagiarism and any other behavior that gains a candidate an unfair advantage are not accepted.

If a student hands in an assignment, parts of which are copied from another source without quoting the source correctly, this is regarded as plagiarism and a written warning is issued. In case of a repetition that student may be expelled.

The teacher is obliged to inform the IB Coordinator of suspected plagiarism.

The school has also access to several online services that sell student assignments and that the teachers can use freely.


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